About Lighthouse

Commodity Management Software

Bringing commodity management to a new level, launching in Q4 2021. 

Developed to meet the highest trading standards while adapting to the specificities of every single company. 

Designed to turbo charge internal communications and boost performance.

The Solution

What Lighthouse offers

Lighthouse is a Commodity Management Software system designed to manage all the complexities specific to the agriculture value chain.

Lighthouse is the first CT system imagined for teams working remotely and needing precise and efficient collaboration tools around their trade operations. 

We are translating our profound knowledge of commodity operations and trading in a solution that caters to all stakeholders.

The Software

Key functionalities

Contract management

  • Capture Physical & Financial
  • Cash Contract Generator 


  • Financial Reporting 
  • LC Management
  • Invoicing 
  • M2M
  • Forex/CF Management


  • Linking S&P 
  • Document Management
  • Quality Management
  • Freight Management
  • Inventory Management 
  • Distribution Management


  • Messaging integration
  • Smart notifications
  • Screen-sharing 
Complete control over key financial insights

Our vision and purpose

What Lighthouse stands for

At Lighthouse, we believe that operational excellence is a crucial part of trading success. 

Our vision is to propel agricultural bulk operations into a new age by building solutions that earn the trust and respect of operations, trading and finance. 

We recognize that each agri company is different and deserves a bespoke approach to their needs. 

Contact us for more information and to discuss what Lighthouse can do for you.

The control you need

Bespoke trading and management software for commodities

 With our precise trade tracking system we can give you the control you need as wel as key financial insights.



Please contact us to see what our software can do for your business 

Email: contact@lighthouse.trading

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