About Lighthouse

Commodity Management Software

After more than 10 years of patient and disciplined developing we are now ready to offer our Lighthouse Commodity Trading administration system to the market.

A reliable and full proof system that can be built up in modules as per the clients’ specific requirements. Affordable and developed to meet the highest demands.

The Software

What Lighthouse offers

Lighthouse is a Commodity Management Software system enabling a profound insight in all the different aspects of a dynamic trading position. The system allows the user to combine sales and purchases, simultaneously monitoring the financial aspects of the contract execution.

It works as a high performance software system that produces bespoke trading and management software for commodities. With its precise tracking of the different financial elements it provides complete control over key financial insights.

The Software

Key functionalities

  • Contract management
  • Execution/ connecting sales-purchases
  • Costs & P/L calculations
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Management of derivatives positions
  • Valuation open positions
  • Full financial reporting
  • Data feed tracking
  • Data export/ interfacing
Complete control over key financial insights

Our vision

What Lighthouse stands for

Lighthouse is a program, which pares a fully flexible execution-module with profound financial insight, to a user-friendly, intuitive lay-out.

The set-up of the program allows complete adaption to the requirements of the customer and guarantees ultimate customization.

Ask us for a free demonstration to see what the program can do for you.

The control you need

Bespoke trading and management software for commodities

 With our precise trade tracking system we can give you the control you need as wel as key financial insights.

Get in touch

Contact us to apply for a demo

Please contact us to see what our software can do for your business and/or apply for a demo.

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